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Building Your Personal Brand

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Whether you like it or not, when looking for a job, you need to manage yourself in a certain style. You need to package yourself and your abilities up in a way that the employer cannot resist. This process can be considered personal branding. It's an important aspect that we teach our candidates here at Auto Skills UK, so read on to discover how to build your personal brand.

Building your brand

Employers are increasingly using search engines to find out more about the candidates that apply for their roles. Managing the information they see makes perfect sense if you want to make the right impression. 

Show what you are passionate about

Does the search result reveal what it is in your life that you are passionate about? This doesn’t have to be purely professional. If you are a keen sports person then accolades about your achievements will help to build a picture of who you are. Won an award, done a charity hike or supported a local event, showcase these things. It shows your versatility and don't forget, make sure you reflect these on your CV too. We've also written about refreshing your CV here.

Write a Blog

A blog that discusses the topics you are interested in can be a great way to communicate your views to the world. If the topic is professional  it can help to grow your reputation as a thought leader and as somebody who invests time in what they do. The blog can be used to showcase a portfolio of your work, showcasing your talents for the world, and future employers, to see. Even personal blogs can give employers a good impression of your dedication to personal development.


Being in the right circles and having visible connections to influential people can have a positive knock-on effect on your reputation. Make these connections visible by commenting on their profiles and sharing their articles or blogs. Add to the debate or make comments to make your connections really stand out.

Stay current

Make sure anything online is up to date. If your profile is held on your employers' website, make sure it has current photos and that any description is up to date. Manage anything you have direct access to in the same way. Being active and having the best information about your current capabilities on show will help your personal brand no end.

Social media channels are a great way to manage your online reputation and can be directly managed by yourself with minimal input. Just a few hours a month, or week if you have the time, can really help you to influence just what is found when somebody Googles your name. If you're on the hunt for a new role, get in touch with us at Auto Skills UK today and we can guide you on a path to a new career today.