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Tips For Refreshing Your CV

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Your CV is your very first impression. You want to be the one to impress an employer, and having a carefully crafted CV will help you be shortlisted. Here’s our top five tips for refreshing your CV.

Tailor to the role

It doesn’t go unnoticed when you highlight key specific skills that suit the role you’re applying for, and even tweak your opening paragraph towards that role and company. It’ll help you stand out, and show your passion towards wanting to work for the business.


Focus on achievements, rather than responsibilities 

If you’ve listed your key responsibilities for previous job roles, try changing these to some highlights or achievements. For example, if you project managed or lead a campaign, make that known. If you’ve got a LinkedIn account, make sure these match too.

Redesign it

There’s nothing more frustrating than receiving a CV which is a challenge to read. Make sure you’re using the same font throughout, keep the text size the same, and separate using paragraphs, bold and underline to keep it neat and tidy.


Keep it short and sweet

A CV should be no more than 2 pages long. Cut out any waffle and keep it short and sweet. You want an employer to be able to quickly scan over your CV, picking up key information with ease. 

Have someone check it 

Having some fresh eyes over your CV can be extremely helpful. Proofreading is really important, so make sure there’s no mistakes. If you’re completely lost and need some support, we can help create your CV from scratch! By registering an account with AutoSkills, we can extend our knowledge to perfect your CV and help you get the interview you want. 


Be sure to tweet us @AutoSkillsUK or email and let us know how you get on.