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5 Easy Things To Do If You Want A Promotion This Year

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With the rise of energy bills and fuel prices, a promotion sounds really good right now, doesn't it? Your colleagues have probably thought about going after one too.

Luckily, if you want to climb a little bit higher on that illustrious career ladder and stand out from the crowd, there are some easy fixes to your current work-life that can help.  

1. Let Your Manager Know

An often overlooked but crucial task is letting your manager know that you want to be considered for a promotion. If you don't, your manager might consider someone else who is more vocal about their ambitions and they might not pay close attention to your achievements. But if you take a spare five minutes of your manager's time to let them know, they might be quite beneficial to your career journey. Any good manager will offer advice and guidance on your next steps and what they're looking for when it comes to promotion. There's absolutely no harm in letting them know, but there are plenty of benefits. 

2. Keep Evidence Of All Your Hard Work

You need to keep receipts. Whenever you've gone above and beyond in your current role or demonstrated desirable skills, write it down, screenshot your work and take photos. If you work in a customer-facing job, take a spare minute to ask your customer for a testimonial. Or ask for feedback from your colleagues. As you go, add it all to one big presentation and be ready to unleash it on the person in charge of promoting you. With a backlog of evidence, you'll be hard to refuse. 

3. Be More Proactive

Make yourself more visible by taking on more tasks and offering your manager help. Take a spare five minutes at work to look for opportunities that demonstrate the skills you need for the promotion you want. Sometimes management will offer you tasks to see how you will thrive in that environment. So don't turn them down. But be mindful of taking on too much or taking on tasks that don't help your case for the promotion - this will lead to stress and burnout.

Another option is to ask if there's any further training or skills you can learn that will be desirable for the promotion. A candidate with more skills and qualifications is always going to be more ideal than one who hasn't. 

4. Bring In More Revenue

The reality is, you work for a business and the business hired you to make money whether directly or indirectly. Take a spare moment to evaluate how you make the company money and how you increase its revenue or save them money. Can you find a way to be more efficient or quicker? Or is there a way to cut costs and save the company money? Increasing the business' income increases your value to the business. How could a manager refuse a promotion if you're making them more money?

5. Have The Right Attitude

It really all begins with the right attitude. If you're optimistic, driven and motivated, you're showcasing yourself as the ideal candidate for the role. The added benefit to having a great attitude in the workplace is that positive energy is infectious. You'll be a great person to work alongside and all-around improve staff morale. You may even motivate and influence some of them to be the same. 

Such easy changes as offering yourself up for more tasks or just having a quick five-minute conversation with your manager can make all the difference when it comes to being considered for a promotion. But if you feel like you're doing all of these things and still not progressing in your automotive career, it may be time to switch companies. Autoskills is the UK's leading recruiter in the Automotive industry and we're always looking for motivated and ambitious candidates for some of the world's leading brands. Get in touch if you'd like to further your career today.