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6 Signs You Need To Leave Your Job

Kar Selfassess Blog

Are you in two minds whether you should leave your job or not? We'll help you identify if you should start looking for another job by listing the five signs that it's time to move on to better things.

1. You're Excessively Procrastinating

The biggest way to determine whether you should leave your job is by noticing if you procrastinate and how much if you do. If you procrastinate frequently and for long periods of time, it's a clear indicator that you should leave your job and pursue something more motivating. Excessive procrastination can come in many forms: avoiding work, prioritizing the wrong work and pushing mass amounts of workloads onto other people. 

2. You're Not Learning Anything New

Ask yourself “am I learning anything new?”. If the answer is a definite no, you should take it as a red flag that you need to look for a new job. Jobs should be helping you grow and advance in your career.

3. You’re Not Getting Enough Time Off

When you feel as though you’re not getting enough time off for yourself, you can become rather resentful towards your job and employer. By allocating yourself enough time off in a contract, you can feel more comfortable, knowing that you can take a good amount of time away from your job and avoid burnout.

4. You Feel Unappreciated

If you’re questioning your role in the workplace then you’re probably finding that your job is making you feel uncomfortable. You may feel neglected through a lack of encouragement and praise. Having a job that makes you feel valued, it'll be more motivating. Don’t let your job affect your mental health negatively!

5. You’re Missing Out On Promotions

When there's no job progression, it is tough to stay interested in your job role. Having opportunities to advance in your career will keep you motivated with something to aim for. Overall, if your job isn’t giving you that satisfaction of reaching targets and gaining promotions then look for a new job as soon as possible.

6. You Get The Sunday Scaries

When it comes to Sunday, do you feel a sense of dread for the next day? This is a huge red flag that you're in the wrong job. On average, we spend 90,000 hours at work. Life is too short to spend your time doing something you dread, right?

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