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How Could Autonomous Vehicles Affect Jobs In The Automotive Industry?

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With the government ban of the sale of new petrol and diesel cards by 2030 and the impressive progress and developments on self-driving and autonomous vehicles, is the automotive industry being forced in a different direction?

We wanted to take a look at the impact of these changes on the workers in the automotive industry, and how their jobs may be impacted in the future.

Necessity for a New Skill Set

With the continuous increase of investment in self-driving and environmentally friendly electric vehicles, mechanics are going to need to adopt a new skill set. Car body control modules are already filled with unique scripts and software that’s a challenge for body shop owners and mechanics, but with the rise of self-driving technology the internal workings of cars will only get more complicated.  Automotive companies may need to hire new experts with specialised knowledge in autonomous vehicle engineering.

Introduction of Further Smart Vehicle Technologies

As the availability for smart and autonomous vehicles increases, so will the demand for further smart technologies, such as smart motorways. Smart motorways have been in development for many years, and governments are still adapting their plans. As self-driving car technology advances, so too will smart motorways and potentially other smart automotive technologies. Workers in the automotive industry will need to prepare for such changes in their industry.

Changing of Road Insurance and Regulation Policy

Furthermore, not only those with automotive jobs such as mechanics and designers will be impacted, but also those who work in car insurance and policy making. With a new introduction of potential faults and accidents related to autonomous vehicle failure, this brings an entirely different field of legal questions into the mix. Companies may need to hire additional staff to deal with claims or adjust the rules of the road to account for the rise of self-driving cars.