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6 Recruitment Trends For 2021

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Despite the current climate 2021 brings with it a whole new range of possibilities for the workplace. Below, we explore some of the trends which we think are most likely to change in 2021.

Remote Working

While we may see the return of many employees back to offices, it is undeniable that remote working has become a new possibility for many organisations. A 2020 IBM survey found that two thirds of remote workers wanted to continue working from home, and just more than half would prefer it as their main mode of employment.

This year we may see an increase in remote working job opportunities, and possibly more flexibility from companies regarding the ability for employees to work remotely part-time.

Increase in Virtual Interviews

Alongside an increase in remote working, it is also likely that in this year the popularity for virtual interviews will follow suit. With more fine tuned tools for virtual communication available than ever before, there are less obstacles in the way of virtual interviews, which are also much more convenient for both parties.

This combination of remote working and virtual interviewing could also lead to a greater globalisation in job opportunities as well, with employees being able to work with teams across the globe from a simple push of a button.

Psychometric Tests Becoming More Popular

No face-to-face meetings and virtual interviews do leave a difficulty in ensuring that new hires are fully capable of the tasks presented by a job. That is why online psychometric tests are becoming more popular and will inevitably be used more frequently. They provide a simple way for employers to assess talent and skill level from a distance.

Broader Hiring Criteria

In the world of online work, communication, problem-solving and collaboration are not the only skills necessary for a functioning team member. Organisations will be looking to hire individuals with a broader skill set e.g., new media literacy, virtual collaboration, responsive and proactive thinking, cross-cultural competency, social intelligence and systems thinking.

We can also expect to see companies aiming to secure more diversity in their organisation, with a strong push this year for greater equality in the hiring process.

Social Media recruiting

Recruiting on social media is no longer a supplemental option, with almost 85% of companies saying that they have hired on social media with great success. This is where a lot of young candidates are now actively finding and looking for jobs.

It’s no longer enough to simply advertise a position on LinkedIn, it is important for organisations to cultivate smart relationships that proactively engage candidates individually.

Use Of Talent Pools/Internal Hiring

Finally, we have also seen the emergence of companies using talent pools as a hiring strategy. By maintaining a talent pool of internal and external candidates, companies can ensure that they will find qualified and experienced hires more quickly. Internal hiring is also seeing an uptake, with employees more frequently advancing within a single organization.