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Top 5 Mistakes that People Make when Applying for Car Jobs

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The team at Auto Skills UK look at loads of applications from automotive professionals, but we’ll only put forward an applicant if we think that they are the right fit for the job. That being said - there are some common mistakes that we’ve spotted that will cause your application to stick out for all the wrong reasons.

Here are our top five mistakes… and ways that you can avoid making them!

  1. Spelling errors

It’s really important to check your CV and your cover letter carefully and make sure that your spelling and grammar are accurate. You could use a free online spellchecker like Grammarly, or ask someone to take a look at your application before you send it.

  1. Out of date information

Any time you start a new job search, you should update your CV. Be sure include to your most recent role at the top, or if you’re currently unemployed, you could mention any training or projects you’ve been doing during this time.

Potential employers will spot any gaps in employment straight away and usually ask you about these, so it’s best to provide a brief, professional reason where you can.

  1. A generic CV

Whilst not everyone is a design pro, your CV should be more than just a piece of A4 paper with a wall of text written in ‘Times New Roman’.  Things like changing the font and adding columns, headings or tables can make a big difference when there’s a pile of applications to look through.

  1. Using auto-fill

When you’re applying for a job online, a lot of places will have an option to ‘auto-fill’ the form using information from your CV, LinkedIn or Facebook page. This can often go wrong - leaving your application muddled or incomplete - so if you do try and use this feature, double-check what information has been pulled through and edit it as necessary.

  1. Online history

Try searching for your name on someone else’s phone or computer – you might be surprised at what comes up! A lot of employers will do a quick online search for applicants’ names nowadays, so we recommend making your online profiles private when applying for jobs.  After all, the last thing you want is for your future boss to see embarrassing holiday photos from Malia 2008, or a stream of angry tweets about your football team losing!

Looking for a new role? Sign up with Auto Skills UK today and we will help you every step of the way - from your initial application to your first day on the job!