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15 do’s and don'ts for your Interview!


Looking for some quick pointers and tips for your upcoming interview, here’s some fantastic do’s and don’ts for your interview…


  • Do spend time researching the market and the forces that are influencing the industry.
  • Do make eye contact. But don’t overdo it to the point where you make the interviewer uncomfortable.
  • Do take some time to consider your answers and respond thoughtfully. You shouldn’t feel pressured to answer each question in rapid fire.
  • Do follow up with a thank-you email, letting the interviewer know it was nice to meet them and that you look forward to hearing back soon.
  • Do take time for pleasantries and a bit of casual social banter.
  • Do your research about the company and the employer beforehand.
  • Do subtly put your name on their radar the day after the interview by liking a post on their social media account.
  • Do ensure that your most recent posts on your social media accounts show something positive and professional.
  • Don’t be late because you get lost along the way or encounter some unexpected circumstance. Plan for delays.
  • Don’t forget that this is a fundamentally social situation. Be amiable.
  • Don’t allow your answers to go off on tangents. Keep the focus on your best qualities.
  • Don’t schedule for late in the week, if you can avoid it. The ideal time for an interview is 10:30 on a Tuesday when employers are most likely to remember you.
  • Don’t over-caffeinate.
  • Don’t be afraid to admit you don’t know the answer to a question. It’s better than faking it.
  • Don’t speak badly of former co-workers, employers or colleagues.



We hope that this can help you in your search for a new job! If you have any further questions please get in contact with one of our team today.