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The Top 5 Must-Have Qualities For Car Sales

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What are the top 5 qualities that a leading Dealer Principal would look for in a car sales candidate? We spoke to a dealer principal of a dealership and asked them what were the five main things they look for in a candidate they are interviewing. Here is what they said!


1) Communication

The core skill behind any successful salesperson is the ability to communicate with their customer effectively; the world of car sales is no different! Having the ability to understand the customers wants and needs through talking to them and building rapport is very important. People buy from people and communication is the key to building a great, long lasting relationship!


2) Hard Work Ethic

Selling cars is unlike your average sales role. Weekends, Bank holidays, some evenings and holidays are some of the busiest times for the industry. With this in mind, it is important that the candidate is prepared to put the long hours and the hard graft in to make sure they are on and above target each month! September and March are the busiest months of the year in new car sales as this is the plate change months. The money is there to be made- but you need to put the hours in!


3) Financially Motivated

The harder a car salesperson works, the more cars they sell and the more money they make! The basic is usually lower than your average office job, however, a successful car sales person can earn anywhere from 30k-90k a year if they work hard enough! Not many jobs can offer you this sort of potential earning from just working hard.


4) Initiative

Being in car sales can be like having your own little dealership at your desk! With the manager being busy working hard, they want to know that the potential candidate can work well independently and take the initiative to get himself or herself above and beyond target.


5) Humour

With long hours and a close team environment, it is important to have a good laugh with your team! It can help through the hard days and make the good days thirty times better!


Think you’ve got what it takes? Contact us now and let us help us find your career in car sales!