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How to regain motivation after a holiday

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Counting down the weeks until your next holiday or planning when to take some well-deserved annual leave? Holiday season is upon us, meaning you’re most likely getting excited about taking a little time off work; and rightly so! Getting the balance between work and time-off is so important and a week off in the sun is a great way to relax.


However, we know that getting back into the swing of things after a break can be hard. Here are a few of the ways you can regain motivation at work after a holiday.


Be prepared

Before you go away, try not to leave any loose ends for your return. Make sure you set your out of office, handover any tasks to your manager or relevant colleague and ensure everything is in place for when you get back. This way you won’t spend your holiday worrying about an email you didn’t respond to or a job that wasn’t quite finished.


Don’t forget your routine

It can be difficult to jump straight back into a routine after a week or two of no alarms, but it’s best to get straight to it! Forget snoozing your alarm on your first day back, instead get up straight away, have a good breakfast and pick up where you left off.


Go for a catch-up

Some time off can leave you feeling a little out of the loop. It’s a good idea to arrange a catch-up with your line manager or meeting with your team on your first day back. This way you can avoid any surprises, find out anything you’ve missed and have a good chat with your colleagues whilst you’re at it.


Remember why you love it

We all love a holiday but, if we’re doing it right, we should love our jobs too. It’s only natural to spend some time wishing you were still enjoying the sunshine, but it’s also good to remind yourself why you do what you do. Love your team? Get real satisfaction from the job? Enjoy hearing great feedback from clients? Make a list of the things you love about your job and take a look at it when your brain starts wishing it were still in holiday-mode. 


Give yourself something to look forward to

It’s always good to have some annual leave in the diary. Whether it’s another holiday later in the year, or a long weekend to recharge, why not start thinking of when next to take some holiday. Having something to looks forward to can often help you feel even more motivated in work – and motivation is key when working in the automotive industry!


If some time off has left you re-thinking your career, maybe it’s time to make a change? Here at Auto Skills UK we’re on hand to help you find your next automotive job. Get in touch today to find out how we can help.