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New Year, New Career

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As we turn over into a new year, is your new year’s resolution to change career and to land yourself your dream automotive job?

“New year, new career” actually has some meaning behind it. It’s a time for a fresh start and to boost career prospects. It’s a chance to start the new year with positive energy and with enthusiasm to do well and advance on the career ladder. Google ‘new year, new career’ and see what comes up!

According to a survey by human resource firm Investors in People, over half of UK employees were set to look for a new job in the run up to 2019. One in four employees felt unhappy at work compared to one in three, who said they did at the same point last year.

Is this you?

The diversity of roles on offer within the automotive sector is huge and you’ll know the passions that you have within you and what you love to do. For example, as a car lover, you don’t just drive, you’re passionate about everything to do with how a car is designed, made and put together along with how it gets developed and improved. So what area can you see yourself diving into in 2019? And how do you get started?

Here are some practical tips to get you ready for the job applications

Have a career plan

Are you ready to move? How much notice period do you have to give? Are you prepared mentally and physically to make a career change right now? These are points you’ll need to consider when applying for new jobs and especially if you’re considering changing career.

To make a career change, you need to have a plan. It’s a good idea to set goals and interests as points of reference when job searching so you know that you’re headed for your dream when applying. Career planning is a great way to ensure that your career is going in the right direction which helps with realising your passions and facilitating your goals.

A recruitment agent can discuss this with you and help you put a plan in place to guide you in the direction of your dream career.

Update your CV

As with anything, we evolve with each job position we have. This is the same with our CV’s, they need to be kept up to date with each change, including recent and relevant skills and qualifications. Once you’ve updated your CV you can submit it to a job site or specialist recruitment agencies, like Autoskills, so that employers can find you.

Check out your online profile

When you search for yourself online, what do you find? A large majority of employers, roughly 70%, will research their applicants online. What your social profiles share and portray may be the first impression a recruiter gets of you - is it a good impression? Take some time before making job applications to tidy up your online presence to make a good and lasting impression, it’s worth it.

Get organised

If you’re serious about new changes in 2019, you need to dedicate quality time to the job application process. Set some time aside in a day / in a week to be able to check for positions, manage applications and to write responses. Using a specialist automotive recruitment agency will ensure that you’re not only looking at relevant jobs but you have good hands looking after you. Here at Autoskills we have many jobs available that we can talk you through or be able to put you in front of the right employers to ensure a perfect job match.

Tailor your covering letters

You can have one covering letter which you use for all job applications which will save you time, or you can tailor each covering letter to depict your strengths according to a job description to show that you are fully interested and understand the job role. This will help you to stand out from the crowd and show a recruiter that you take care and pride in your work. Every little bit of information is important and can make a difference. What can you do to show you’re the perfect fit for the job?

As we step into 2019 and look to new career choices and changes, we are here at Autoskills to help you make the right decisions and to put you in front of the right job opportunities. Are you ready to take that leap? Get in touch today to start the process.