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How Important Is It To Have a LinkedIn Profile?

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If you’re already on social media, you’ll be aware that the use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram even, are for the social aspect of your life. They will show aspects of your family or what you like or dislike along with photos to represent all that. However, the use of LinkedIn, which has been around since 2003, is much more powerful when it comes to job seeking or career changes.


LinkedIn is known as the ‘professional social media platform’ where recruiters across the globe can connect with individuals who are seeking new employment. Therefore this is an online version of your CV where you can demonstrate your skills and attributes, and sell yourself well.


A LinkedIn profile should be part of any professional’s toolkit, linking you to a wide variety of jobs, companies and recruiters. Whether you are seeking a job or not, linking to LinkedIn is still in your best interests as you never know what is around the corner.


It’s expected

Most recruiters will expect you to have a LinkedIn profile. It’s been around for long enough for most job seekers to jump on board. It shows your professionalism, who you are and your work history. It allows companies to find out about you before they invite you for interview along with the opportunity to see people who recommend you.


Your name will be Googled

Many recruiters, after meeting you, will Google you. That’s a fact! The better online presence you can present, the better. Making yourself look professional and approachable will go a long way in any job application. Having a LinkedIn profile shows that you are serious about your career and finding a job that suits you. It also helps in what people will find out about you when searching for your name online as LinkedIn typically ranks higher than other information about you in search results.


LinkedIn is professional

If Facebook is the first thing that a recruiter finds when searching for you online, they will see the family and friends’ photos, and perhaps what you had for dinner, but this doesn’t tell them anything about your professionalism or what you career line you are heading down. Your updates on LinkedIn will show your connections and business conversations, which strips away your personal endeavours and highlights your professional style.


Be searchable

Recruiters and hiring managers are using LinkedIn to discover new talent and to headhunt ne talent and skills professionals. If you’re a professional but not on LinkedIn, you don’t actually exist in the eyes of a recruiter - that’s harsh but it is reality in today’s online society.


Build trust

A LinkedIn profile can help build trust in the eyes of a recruiter and that trust is important for anyone whether you are just starting out in your career or you are further along. When people come across your profile, they are presented with who you are, what you represent and your past work history.


LinkedIn is good networking

LinkedIn is a gold mine for networking. By connecting with like-minded professionals along with people related to the automotive industry, you can begin to build a network of people around you that can influence or guide, can advise or direct and that can be invaluable when it comes to job seeking. Opportunities arise from the connections that you make and recommendations or referrals can take place once trust has been built upon and people start to know the value that you can provide. Use your LinkedIn profile with companies that you aspire to or have a desire to work with in the future and follow or take part in discussions that show your understanding and expertise. Get noticed!


Even if you don’t intend to spend any time on LinkedIn going forward, it is a good idea to set up a profile so that you are contactable or discoverable for recruiters. Ensure that your profile is set up correctly and looks professional and then dedicate a little time every six months or so to make sure that all the information is still current and up to date.