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10 Automotive Jobs For People Who Love Cars

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If you’re a lover of cars, you don’t only enjoy driving them, but you’re passionate about the craftsmanship and the way they are manufactured and engineered. And your passions don’t have to stop there. There is a whole world of careers available if that’s where your heart is leading you.

The automotive industry has a great career path with many opportunities available in a range of areas, from entry level to management and beyond.

Are you a recent graduate, just coming out of school, or perhaps looking for a career change? Turn your passions into a career.


What career paths could you consider?



Do you enjoy getting dirty and into the pit of it all? If you’re a problem solver and can understand the way that cars are put together and work, training to become a mechanic may be a good route. If you enjoy what you’re learning, you can follow on with qualifications to become a technician and work in a number of places, i.e. a local garage, a dealership service centre.



Enjoy seeing the newest model of cars as they arrive from the factory? Becoming a salesperson means you can surround yourself with all the latest technology as it happens. You’ll be a people person and enjoy talking and advising why about the cars they are looking at. Take a business degree and there could be endless possibilities to manage a dealership or showroom.



If you have an eye for detail and enjoy the older classics rather than the latest technology, a career as a restorer could be more down your street. You’ll be tenacious and patient with a keen eye for detail and enjoy seeing projects come together.


Automotive engineer

If you’re a graduate in a relative field and enjoy the design and building of cars with problem solving and analytical skills, you could become an automotive engineer. These positions are well paid and offer good, long standing career path.



Not everyone who loves cars has to work ON cars. If you’ve got a head for figures and enjoy the business side behind the various automotive establishments, a career in accounting could be for you. Number-crunching in a dealership will bring you closer to the vehicles that you love.


Assembly person

Every car that is produced goes through a rigorous production line and testing before it is released to a dealer. It might sound routine and mundane an assembly person has an important job to ensure that their parts are installed and fitted correctly in order for the cars to move on through the production line. Without these people, there wouldn’t be the capacity for building as many cars as we see throughout the world.



With no set qualification required to enter into this profession, it’s a good one for someone who loves cars and wants to start in the automotive industry. You’ll need a clean valid driving licence and you’ll also need to be methodical, with good attention to details as well as have great customer service. This career could always lead into starting your own business or working for a larger organisation later down the line.


Automotive Teacher / Lecturer

If you enjoy sharing your knowledge and teaching others, a career as a teacher in a college or university would be a great route to consider. Ideally you will gain valuable experience in the automotive industry already along with a university degree which you can then take back to the classroom to teach the next generation of automotive enthusiasts.



Do you love to be on the road, sat behind a wheel just heading towards our destination? There are many driver careers you could look at from truck or van driver, to bus driver, to taxi or delivery driver. All of which will see you driving for a living and depending on your choice of vehicle, give you opportunity to travel.


Vehicle inspector

Understanding the ins and outs of car parts and mechanics, becoming a vehicle inspector will give you a chance to put things right and see vehicles back to their working state. Often this career can be on-the-job training and you’ll learn to diagnose what’s wrong with a vehicle along with whether it’s worth repairing or not. Often a chance to work for larger organisations and the possibility of travel.


There are endless opportunities available in the automotive industry, male or female alike, people who are passionate about cars can discover their dream career. If you’d like to discuss your career options with specialists who have been working in the automotive recruitment industry for years, we’d love the opportunity to speak with you. Get in touch today.