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Career Choices: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Auto Stay Or Go Blog

Making the decision to leave a job is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you’re walking away from a dream career, that’s even more of a big step and considerations should be thought and talked through properly.

If you’re passionate about your work and have trained to get to where you are, but itching for a change and a new challenge, it might be the right time to look for something new.

Different industries have their own lengths of time that a typical employee would stay in a position and the automotive industry is no different. Whether you are part of a car sales team, a financial controller or an engineer - the life expectancy of your job comes down to the different department that you are in. Some positions come with the expectancy of change.

But how do you know whether a change is really what you’re looking for or the right decision to make?

  • Where do you see yourself between now and the next five years? Can you see yourself in a different situation or higher leadership or are you happy where you are? Does the thought of change panic you or leave you feeling worried about what is to come, or are you seeking new excitement and a challenge?

  • Have you seen another opportunity that you can see yourself in, or have you heard about new opportunities elsewhere? Does this fill you with excitement? Does the company come with a good reputation and offer the same or better remuneration than you already have?

  • Is the work that you’re doing still aligned with what you love to do, or the values that you have? Or have these changed over the years and no longer fit with your overall goals for your career?

  • Are you able to use your skills to their full potential? Does your current job allow you to use your skills in a way that you want them to be used and does it give you satisfaction? Are you still excited about going to work, or do you go out of necessity and reluctance to change?

  • Does the distance to work have an impact on your decision? Would you be happier with a shorter commute journey? Or perhaps your commute is a good thing, you enjoy a train journey with time to get you ready for the day ahead?

If you are thinking about leaving your job, speak with a manager or senior member of staff to give you clarification on your choices. It may be that there are other positions within the same company available for you. It may be that there are training opportunities available for you to move into a different area within the industry.

You will never know if this is available if you do not speak to someone.

Doing your homework on other opportunities can often give insight into whether you will be happier elsewhere too. Researching other automotive companies in your local area (or further afield if you enjoy the commute) and seeing what they offer and the environment they are in can sometimes make you realise that you have it good where you are! If not, working with a recruitment agency to source and put you in touch with your perfect new position is the right direction.

Holding on without talking about your job concerns can have a negative effect on your working life and can give way to resentment. Within the automotive industry there are a wide variety of opportunities available which cover a wide range of skills and qualifications. Where you work has an impact on your personal life too as if you’re unhappy at work, you’ll bring that home with you. Be happy at work, and come home happy.

If you are in a position where you’re looking for your next automotive career step, we’d love to speak with you and see how we can help. Get in touch today!