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Graduated But No Job? - Get Hired With These Top Tips

2020 Graduate No Job Blog

Have you recently graduated but are struggling to find a job? You’re not alone and there are plenty of people in the same boat.  

The pride and celebration of passing your degree is a great feeling to have and definitely one to celebrate, but it can also be forgotten when faced with the daunting task of finding a job after graduation.

Unfortunately many graduates are finding it increasingly difficult to find relevant jobs for their skills and this is no different in the automotive industry. There is a growing number of applicants chasing every job role, and you will be competing against other graduates as well as existing workers already in the automotive sphere who are either taking the next step up or candidates who are taking a step down the career ladder in order to get back in to employment.

Almost every graduate will have to face some rejection, but be positive in your approach, don’t lose heart and take on board these top tips to get you hired.

Keep going

The automotive job market is constantly moving and evolving and you cannot afford to be complacent. Missing a week or even a day can have critical consequences to your job search. You may even miss an opportunity altogether as more employers are closing applications when they hit a certain quota of submissions.  

Some companies review applications as they come in and close as soon as they have allocated their interview appointments.

Even for roles with fixed deadlines, in order to prepare your application well you will need to ensure that you have the maximum time available to tailor your CV or to complete the online process.

Stay social

Talking about your job hunting with a wide variety of people gives chance to more people being aware of your job search.

Connect with automotive recruitment consultants about the roles that they have available and the types of candidates that are successful in being offered them.

Talk to others from your peers and other students from your course to see what they are doing to find opportunities.

Also talk to friends, family and any other connections you may have in your social circles. Sometimes word of mouth can be a fantastic advantage and if the people around you know what you are looking for then they may just hear of something and point you in the right direction.

Consider your expectations

If what you’re doing is not working then try to consider other ways of reaching your goals. This could involve creating a short term plan that means changing location, altering the job type that you are applying for or compromising on your expectations. Often a foot in the door is all you need to then move on to career progression and obtaining the role you really want.

Review your approach

If your CV is not getting you shortlisted - review it. Maybe it is not highlighting to an employer what they want to see.

Crafting a well written CV can take time which can always benefit for external help, especially if creative writing is not your forte.

Your CV should be a living document, constantly changing to suit the needs of roles and changes in your circumstances. If there are areas of your CV that you know are lacking and essential for what your ideal job role requires, investigate how you can fix this which will make you a stronger candidate. For example, if leadership experience is absent maybe this could be a chance to volunteer for community groups that will help you grow and demonstrate your leadership qualities.

Be kind to yourself

Job hunting is not easy, so do not be too hard on yourself when you get knocked back. There are many external forces working against you, and whilst these are not good excuses to quit the search, they are valid reasons for the process taking time.

Remain positive, give yourself other things to focus on that help to maintain your motivation. And most importantly don’t give up. You will get there eventually.

If you’re looking for advice on job applications within the automotive industry or updating your CV, we’d love to help. Get in touch today and don’t go it alone.