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Things To Consider When Starting Your Job Hunt

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Understanding your goals and motivations for changing jobs can help to create a stronger more focused job search, that ultimately makes the process easier. Changing jobs can have a huge impact on your lifestyle, so it is important to make the move a good one.  Understanding what you want to achieve gives you more chance of securing a positive move.


Understanding why you want to change

Why do you want to leave your current role? It is easy to get caught up in office politics and to fall into a downward spiral of disliking your job. But what is it that you really don’t like – and what are the chances of these changing in a new role?

Can you get what you are looking for from your current employer? It’s often possible to achieve your goals with your current employer but if they are not aware of these, you can get pushed aside. Asking for an increase in salary might be a difficult conversation to have, however if you can secure it without having to make a move it might be a conversation worth having.


Understanding what role you want

Think about the daily duties you want to perform and the level within a team you want to work at. Consider the location of the employer – how long are you prepared to commute and think about this realistically remembering it is likely to be 5 days a week, possibly in heavy traffic. What sort of company do you want to work for, from traditional structured to modern open plan, the environment you work in needs to match your personal style.


When do you want to move?

Do you need to move in the short term or is it a long term goal? If longer term, are there steps you need to take in order to make it a possibility?

Training courses, experience or moving can all take time to complete. Knowing what you want and the steps you need to take within a practical order can help to secure success rather than leaving it to chance.


With short term moves getting people around you to help facilitate the move is useful. An experienced recruitment agent, with significant specialist industry knowledge, who understand your goals can help you to secure that next dream role.


If you are looking to make the move contact the team at AutoSkillsUK to discuss your job move in more detail.