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Resigning in Style

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After a complex job hunt, many people overlook the importance of handing in their notice. Whilst it may be a time you have looked forward to, it is important to manage the process professionally. Your employer may be be called upon in the future, possibly for a reference or should your career take you back to them in the future, so be careful how you go about handing in your resignation. At AutoSkills UK, we support every candidate with their resignation process, so be sure to get in touch if you're looking for a new role. Here are our top tips to do it in style!


Keep it friendly

Do not use your notice letter to air your grievances about the role or the company. This isn’t a time to cause a stir – if you wouldn’t say in the role do not mention it now. Understand your fellow employees may have different views about their roles and the company; try not to force your views on to them. Your career may be taking a different path but do not knock others.


Keep calm

Take your time to check what is expected of you in order to hand in your notice. Know who to address your letter to, and refer to your contact to understand the length of notice you are required to give. Having this all clearly set out in your mind will help you maintain control during the process. Understand your rights and have a plan in mind when you approach your manager.


Be sure you want to leave

Using your resignation to prompt a counter offer is a very dangerous tactic. Be very aware that the company many not wish to, or be in a position to make you an offer too good for you to refuse – so be fully prepared to follow through on your resignation.  Some employers might see your job hunt as a lack of loyalty and are prepared to see your talents go.


Tell your boss first

Offices talk, so telling co-workers about a new job offer before you have told your line manager is a big mistake. Firstly, going into the conversation without them knowing gives you more control over the conversation, but further it helps to maintain your professional image.


Leave on good terms

It's important to try and leave on as friendly terms as possible, as it's likely you'll require a reference from there for your next role. It goes a long way when you thank your collegues and boss for their time, support and guidance too.


At AutoSkills UK, we are dedicated to helping candidates transition from one role to another, so get in touch if you're looking for a new role today.