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Questions To Avoid Asking In An Interview

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We’ve talked about how to nail a job interview here on the AutoSkills blog, but we haven’t touched on what NOT to talk about. More specifically, the questions which people mistakenly ask. An interview can be really daunting, and we always tailor advice and prep our candidates for their interviews prior, whilst gathering feedback after for them too. So if you’re looking for a new role, get in touch. We’d love to help!


Holiday, Sickness & Pay Rises

Questions surrounding employee benefits should be completely avoided during your first interview. Although we’re all keen to know where we stand with how much holiday allowance we’ll get, it comes across that you’re more interested in the benefits of the job, rather than the job itself. Stay clear of questions around the salary and pay rises too, you’re likely to learn this later on.


Lack Of Research

Although it might seem like you’re interested in the company by asking questions such as “What does this company do?” or “Who are your main competitors?”, you should already know the answers based on your prior research. It shows a lack of interest and poor effort in understanding the company before you arrived. Here at AutoSkills, we support you all with the information you’ll need about the company or business before you go to the interview.


Previous Employee

Don’t be tempted to question why the previous employee has left. The position might actually be a completely new one, or the previous employee was promoted within the company, so you could embarrass yourself by presuming they left and asking the question. Either way, it isn’t part of your business to be questioning why the position is available, so avoid this too.


You’re Not That Interested

Avoid asking questions such as “How quick can I be promoted?” or “What other roles are you hiring for?”, as this paint an idea that you’re looking at the bigger picture and not actually that interested in the role you’re being interviewed for. Know your timings, and ask these types of questions later down the line.


These are just a few examples of questions we advise our candidates not to mention, so if you’d like to learn more, reach out and we’ll help secure you the right role today.