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How To Measure Employee Loyalty

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Employee loyalty is an important part to maintaining a successful business. Happy employees are core, with evidence that they perform better, with increased productivity, seeing greater profits and other valuable outcomes. Here at Auto Skills UK, not only do we pride ourselves on retaining great employees, but we proudly support businesses and candidates find the balance. Read on to discover how to measure employee loyalty.



Communication is key, so take the time to speak to your employees and ask their opinion on if they feel they’re being recognised. Recognition can come in various forms, sometimes a simple thank you for their hard work can go a long way! If an employee is performing well, it’s important to compensate them. This doesn’t have to be bonus or increase necessarily, many simply appreciate the recognition or welcome additional responsibilities.


Research Other Businesses

Take five minutes to do your own research and see what other local business offer to their employees. Can you do similar and keep the costs low? Current employees may be attracted to benefits that other businesses offer which you don’t, so keep on top of the game.


Increase Benefits

As previously mentioned, a bonus and pay-rise is an important part in recognising an employee’s hard work however, there are many other benefits that you could increase as an incentive. Reduced-cost gym membership, driving lessons, retirement funds, insurance, tuition reimbursement and even regular social events outside the office. These are just a few examples that will support employees in wanting to stay with your business.


Management Review

Sometimes, it takes just one manager to make an employee uncomfortable and unsupported. Make it a priority to review your management and make sure they’re managing appropriately and confidently. Building relationships between colleagues and employees isn’t always simple, but communication and reviews will help your business stay on top.

If you’re interested in recruiting for new employees and would like the support from our experienced recruiters, then get in touch with Auto Skills UK today!