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Tips For Motivation

Aut Motivation Blog

We all have days where we’re demotivated. We aren’t as productive, and it can ripple into work, life and relationships. Here at AutoSkills, we asked our team for their best tips for motivation. Read on to discover how to better motivate your day!


Do the toughest task first

Don’t put it off, you’re only delaying the inevitable! Prioritise your tasks in order they need to be accomplished, but try tackling the toughest one first, because once it’s out the way, the rest will feel more manageable, and boost your self-confidence.


Stop comparing yourself

It’s much easier said than done, but if you compare your journey with someone else, you’ll never feel motivated enough. There will always be people ahead of you, but it’s important you go at your own speed.


Break it down

Sometimes lack of motivation can stem from that overwhelming feeling of “how am I going to get it all done?”, so try breaking tasks down. Small successes can keep you focused. At AutoSkills, whilst we help candidates find a new role, we break everything down in bitesize chunks including adapting your CV, practising interview questions and preparing for your first day, which makes it much less overwhelming.


Create a flow

Sometimes, the hardest part is actually getting started. Tidy your desk, do the dishes, jump in the shower. Start your day in a positive, productive light, and create a flow so you’re ready to accomplish the next task in your day.


Reward yourself

It’s important to reflect on what you’ve achieved and treat yourself when you’ve accomplished everything you needed to. Schedule time to socialise, relax and step away from your work, so you’re fresh and ready for a new day and won’t be burning yourself out.


Don’t be afraid of change

It’s easy to create a routine, write down your tasks and aim to stick to them, but sometimes it’s important to embrace change and try a different approach to a task. Don’t be afraid to try news things, at work and in your home life, to help keep you motivated.


These are just a few of our favourite tips for getting motivated and back on your feet, so we hope this helps! If you’re looking for a new job and need some support, get in touch with AutoSkills today and let us help secure the right role for you!