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Things To Consider In A Career Change

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Have you been thinking about changing your career? Are you unhappy in your current role? Ready for a new challenge? Here at AutoSkills, we help and guide candidates through all their options, but changing your career comes with lots to consider.


What are you looking for?

Apart from the type of job you’d like, it’s important to consider the other elements that might come with a different career. What are the hours like? Are they more or less? Are you able to commit to them? What about the salary? Are you happy to accept a paycut? Often candidates like the idea of a different role, but miss the crucial facts that it might come with a lifestyle change too.


What skills can you offer?

Many people have transferable skills which could be more productively utilised in a different career. Recognising these will be very beneficial when interviewing for a new job. At AutoSkills, we’re happy to help support you with selecting your best skill set, and putting you forward for relevant roles that fit.



With any new opportunity, it’s quite likely you’ll require some training or enhanced education in your chosen field. Are you happy to learn new skills and put extra time into some training? You may be required to attend courses in your free time, including weekends, so consider how committed you’re prepared to be. In turn, this could be cost you in time and money too.


Is this the right time?

It’s difficult knowing if a career change is the right or wrong time in your life, but it’s worth considering that it will require your attention more than before, so consider your current life outside of work and speak to your friends and family to gather a well-rounded opinion.


A career change can be hugely successful and exciting, so we wish you all the best. You can search for jobs immediately within our sectors or contact a member of our team for immediately one to one advice and information, or to place your vacancy with us. You can be assured of a professional, transparent and highly effective service at all times.