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How To Write A CV For The Automotive Industry

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Writing your CV is more than just a list of jobs, it is the promotion of your skill set and the attributes you could bring to a future position.

Whether you are just starting out in your career, are a graduate or have been in the industry for a number of years, your CV is your chance to make yourself stand out above the many who are applying for new jobs. The automotive industry is a popular and competitive field and showcasing what makes you unique is the best way to promote yourself.

Once you have everything clear in your mind of what you need to say, it’s time to get it written down and to create an attractive CV ready to send for your next automotive position:

Make it clear

Always choose a font that is clear and easy to read and ensure that it’s not too small. Good fonts to use are the simple ones like Times New Roman or Arial at a point size of 11 or 12. Use headers to separate each section.


Try to stay away from using colours, this draws the attention away from the actual content. Black or grey are good to use.

Personal information

Start with your personal information at the top. This may be obvious but don’t forget the basic details: name, address, contact number and email address. Make sure that your name stands out at the top so they can see clearly when scanning through many CV’s at a given time.

Profile / Personal statement

Following on from your personal information, this is the first section of your CV and it needs to stand out. This is your opportunity to explain why you are the perfect fit for the position. This should include who you are, what you can offer and what you are looking for. Try not to make it too long, it should be short and sweet and to the point.


Your qualifications to date should be listed in this section along with dates of when you achieved them.

Work experience

This section details all the relevant work experience that you’ve had, starting with the most recent first. This again should be to the point and detailing the company name, job title, how long you worked there for and your key responsibilities. If you have done any voluntary work that is applicable to the position, be sure to include that also.


This is a section which you can use to explain how your past experience has given you the skills required for the position you are applying for. Try to use examples to back up your achievements if possible to make it personal and unique.

Hobbies or Interests

This section is not a requirement of a CV but can sometimes be used to show achievement in the previously mentioned sections or to show how you would fit the position that you are applying for. However, if it doesn’t add value - don’t use it.


This is another section that doesn’t have to be written at this stage of the process and can be given at a later date, however it can be written if you choose. It would include the name and contact details of two people who can confirm your work history and character, usually this would be your last employer.

Always check over your CV to ensure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors and make use of the spell-checker!

When you are applying for an automotive position, have the company in mind when writing and tailor the content accordingly - this is extremely important. Once you have written your CV, don’t use it as it is for every job that you apply for. Tailor the wording slightly for every job so that you can show that you have the attributes the company is looking for.

And most importantly, make it professional.

If you’re looking for extra tips or advice on how to write the winning CV for your next automotive job application, we’d love to help. Get in touch today!