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Can I Work Well With My New Line Manager?

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When you are being interviewed for a new automotive role it is important to take time not only to tell the interviewer why you are right for the position, but also to find out if the position is right for you.

Should you be successful in your interview, don’t forget that the interviewer could become your new manager and as such you will be spending a lot of time with them. They will be responsible for your future and career progression. A large majority of our lives are based in the workplace so it’s important to get it right and for you to be happy when you venture into a new job. Can you see yourself working alongside this person / or working for this company?

Whatever role you may be looking for, whatever level of experience you may have, everyone has to go through the interview process and therefore it’s beneficial to you and the company that you do your research on both the company and the managers that work there, if you can.

When making an auto career move, most job hunters hope to find a company where their new manager is someone they can relate to, work well with and potentially learn from in order to progress deeper with their career. Your own happiness and future can take a changing and challenging path depending on the quality and abilities of the line manager to lead and develop their team.

When you head out to your next automotive interview, take time to think about the person who is interviewing you along with the feel of the company and the other people that you came into contact with - can see yourself working there?

  • Are they approachable and make you feel relaxed (as best as possible within an interview setting)? Have they made steps to put you at ease and connect with you at your level. Are you comfortable around them?
  • How professional are they in front of you? Do they have a direct approach or are they more relaxed? As they focused on the interview or are they distracted by the things going on around them?
  • Has the interview process been managed well, have you been communicated with professionally, receiving all details that you needed to prepare you for what was ahead? Was the interviewer prepared for the interview with a clear view of what your role will entail and the working conditions along with a good knowledge of the company?
  • Does the interviewer come across as enthusiastic about their job and about the company? Are they selling the job well and showing that they too enjoy their job and are looking forward to having someone new to work with? Have they given indication of the education or career structure of what lies ahead for you if you join the company?
  • Does the company / position allow for your automotive skills to be used and showcased?

Use your time to ask questions to draw upon any areas of concern. But be smart about it.  Ask about a typical day, ask about how the current team work together – see if this gives you an insight into how hands on they are. Ask about the key market drivers currently affecting the company to see how clued up are they on the industry. Be careful not to pile on the pressure - you don’t want to come across as patronising or difficult.

Of course what is good or bad will depend on your own style. Finding a line manager with a complimentary style to your own can boost your career aspirations beyond imagination.

At the end of the day, you want to feel comfortable and happy. When you ask the question on whether you can see yourself working with this line manager or company, the answer has to be part of the decision on whether you take the position if you are offered it. Happiness in the workplace is important.

If you’d like further guidance on preparing for interview or finding the right job for you, we’d love to help. Get in touch for a chat today.