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5 Tips For A Brilliant Job Advert

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You’ve got a job vacancy. You’ve agreed a salary structure, have the space to expand, are ready for the extra hands and can’t wait to get the right person on board. It’s time to put pen to paper, but you’re got writer’s block! What do you write? At Auto Skills UK, we’re experts in writing ads, so get in touch if you’d like some support. Here are our five top tips for writing a brilliant job advert.


Start With The Key Facts

When candidates are job hunting, they’re often presented with many opportunities and skim through adverts every day. Make it clear the name of the job role and location, to help a candidate eliminate if it’s the right role for them.


Introduce Your Company

Keep this snappy - you don’t want the advert to be all about your business or department, but give an idea of the type of industry you’re in, how long you’ve been trading or your company philosophy, culture or achievements which will make a candidate want to work for you.


Why The Role Exists

It’s important to make your candidate feel connentect and excited about your vacancy. Explain why you need this person, their importance and how it fits with the current team. Give a clear picture, you could even explain what it’s like on a day-to-day basis and interesting things about the role.


Clear Requirements

Does the candidate need a certain degree? Level of experience? Certain technical skills? Make these clear in the advert, and ensure that you have set the different between the must-haves and desirables. You may come across a perfectly suited candidate who fears they won’t make the cut if you set too many requirements, so make it clear the difference.


Add a ‘call to action’

At Auto Skills UK, we are dedicating to helping businesses construct their job advert, so please do get in touch if you need some support. At the end of an ad, we believe it’s great to encourage someone to apply, so make it clear what you need from them and who to contact. For example, if you’d like a CV and Cover Letter, include this and which email to use. We’d also recommend adding a phone number and a hyperlink to your website, so the candidate can call or visit your website for further information.


If you’re looking to recruit great candidates, and would like an agency to take over the stress for you, then get in touch!