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Answering Skills & Competency Questions

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At interview, a range of questions will be fired at you, designed to test you in different ways. Often people feel most comfortable talking about their past experiences and particulars about a job. However, more general questions set to probe a bit more about the person can be difficult to answer. Here at AutoSkills, we look at each candidate individually, and are proud to support candidates from start to finish. We look at some of the common ones and offer some insight into the things you might want to consider -


1.     Tell me about your career – do not take this to mean they want a walk through your jobs in turn, instead consider and focus on your achievements. Discuss notable projects and times where your career advanced the most. Reflect on these experiences and offer reasons for their significance and explain how the experiences help you today.


2.     What are your strengths? – here the recruiter wants you to be honest about your personal characteristics. You need to consider your strongest traits and apply reasoning to why they help you to be a effective employee. Remember, they are trying to understand how you will fit into their culture, so it is important to remain honest, whilst trying to sell yourself in the best possible light.


3.     Why do you want this job? The recruiter wants to know that you have a passion for the role, and do not just want to be a bum on a seat. Do you have the get-up and go to make a difference in the organisation and grow the role? Understanding the company, the growth of the industry with a nod to future developments in the field will help to show you understand your importance beyond the pod you are assigned.


4.     Where do you want to be in five years’ time? Here they want to your vision for your future and see if you have thought ahead. Through your research you should understand the significant developments expected in the coming years, you could talk about your involvement in that including any areas of personal interest.


5.     What would your colleagues say about you? Again recruiters are trying to understand how you might fit in. By asking what others might say about you they are also getting a picture of the personal traits that are most important to you. Be careful to remain as truthful as possible, they may, directly or indirectly, compare what you said to what your reference says about you.


We support candidates prior to interview, along with feedback after, and tips for improvement. If you're looking for the right support and direction, get in touch with AutoSkills today!